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Living in Los Angeles is tough. Normality is so skewed and its not something your friends and family can relate to, nor is it even fun to talk about. I love the outdoors.. there’s something about when there’s no one around that I’m drawn to.

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-Do you have any input into Nolan’s style?
Quite a bit. It’s absolutely a collaboration with our costume designer — she and I have a shorthand in the way that we speak and understand each other. So she will pull options and they give me the opportunity to style if myself. They hang everything up and usually wait and see what I’m going to walk out of the trailer looking like. When I get to set, if people start laughing and pointing, I know I’ve done a good job.
-Gabriel Mann (x)

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  • ARTIST: Zayn Malik and Harry Styles
  • SONG: You & I
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Zayn and Harry’s Vocals and Adlibs in You and I (accapella) 

listen with earphones! 

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Harry Styles; color palette (insp.)

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What would you like to happen during an apocalypse?

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